Playtime Productions aims to produce engaging and educational content for kids with the main focus on 'FUN' and develop children's IP for global audiences.

Mike's first worked in the Beatles' Apple Studios with artists and producers including George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson and Phil Spector to name but a few. Meanwhile his own bands, Matchbox and later Gold recorded singles and albums for RAK, Barnaby Records (USA), CBS and EMI. Mike also set up and managed 'Startling Studios', one of the best residential recording studios in England at Ringo's Tittenhurst Park. By the mid seventies he was composing numerous jingles and theme tunes and in 1983 wrote the original music for the now classic 'Thomas the Tank Engine' series comprising 180 episodes, more than thirty songs and themes used in 'Thomas and the Magic Railroad' feature film. He then composed and produced the music for another children's TV show - 'Tugs' for Clearwater Features. His compositions have been featured in countless productions from CBeebies to CNN in a wide range of styles and genres. For more information visit www.modmusic.co.uk

We are currently developing four new properties, details will be announced soon.





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